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Children are the most successful in their learning when teachers and parents work as a team to grow children into life-long learners. At Faith Prep, our work in the classroom is only one piece of the puzzle of your child's life. We want to make sure we equip you as parents with information about what is happening during your child's time at preschool. Be sure to stay on top of the curriculum, activities and news coming from your child's class each month. Here you will find the newsletters from each classroom to keep you connected with activities and events your child is involved with.

Newsletters and announcements:

Below is a flexible calendar about the going-ons of each classroom at Faith Prep. Keep in mind that as the students learn about the world around them, each day may not match perfectly with the calendar. If the students fall in love in one area of the curriculum their teacher may spend more time there.



3 Year Old Classes


2 Year Old Class                                                                                        



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