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Find anwers to parent's most commonly asked questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about Faith Prep:

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Why only half day preschool?

Students as young as 3 and 4 exercise peak performance in the morning hours. We try to utilize this time with learning through play. The activities and lessons are structured to keep children moving, engaged and learning non stop from 9 am to noon. Most children are pretty worn out by noon and many times require going home for a nap and some rest time with family.

Is there a dress code or uniforms?

Except for Kindergartners, there is no required uniform. Your child will have a Faith Prep tee shirt for the school year that they are encouraged to wear on the last day of the school week.

While there isn't a strict dress code, we do encourage your child to wear comfortable clothing that will move with them throughout the day as they travel from classroom to playground and around campus.

Closed-toe shoes are not required, but your child will be playing on the playground where there is mulch and sand. So shoes that are comfortable for running, climbing and playing are encouraged.

Girls may wear dresses, but we recommend shorts underneath them so they are able to move and climb around the playground easily.

Is lunch or snack provided for my child?

Snack time happens for the children mid-morning. We ask that you pack a healthy snack option and a drink for your child in their lunch box. Children eat snack in their classroom together with their teacher. We do not provide snack for the students because different students have varying preferences on what they like to eat for snack time. Wanting to make sure students eat during snack, we ask for you to pack something you know your child will eat. This way you as the parent are able to see what comes home in their bag and know your child has eaten while in school. Please remember we are a NUT FREE school, so no foods with any forms of nuts please.

Because preschool ends at noon, we do not provide lunch for students. If your child does not require a nap and would like an extended day schedule, you may sign your child up for LUNCH BUNCH on different days of the month.


Note:  Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, Lunch Bunch will not be provided Aug-Dec 2020.  Lunch Bunch may resume January 2021, or sooner, when it is safe to do so.  Lunch bunch is an extra 2 hours added to the preschool day where you child will be able to have lunch (packed by the parent) with several friends and their teacher. Students are able to have free play time in their classroom with their friends, as well as story time and extra games and activities not included in the regular preschool day. This time is intended for fun and social interaction among peers.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the first of each month, and is counted as late if not paid by the 5th of the month. The perfect time to pay tuition is on walk-in day. You may pay via cash, check or money order.  Consider having your bank make automatic monthly payments!  Convenient and always on time!

What is "walk-in" day?

On the last school day of the month, VPK students are required to have their parents sign their Parental Choice Certificates for the Early Learning Coalition. To make this process easier, all students are walked in to their classrooms this day and it gives parents an easy way to connect with their child's teacher, say hello to other parents and see some of the work their child has been doing in class. This is also when tuition payments, lunch bunch money and anything else may be turned in.

Note:  During Aug-Dec 2020, every day will be "walk-in" day.  You will walk in for drop-off and pick-up:
 Parent & child will wear a mask at drop-off & pick-up.
 Parent & child will have temperatures taken.
 If a fever of 100.4 or higher (either parent or child), both leave.

Drop-off & Pick-up at the classroom door:
 Teachers will wear masks at door.
 Touchless sign-in/out via Brightwheel app.

May I volunteer to help in my child's class and at school?

YES! We love volunteers and always have projects and activities we could use help with. We welcome parents to be involved in their child's school world as much as possible as it engages both the parent and the child in the learning environment. There is a volunteer sign up form in the front office where you can schedule time.

What supplies are required for my child?

Each year an updated class list of supplies will be sent out.  Please visit the "Classroom News" page (and scroll to the bottom) to see the latest supply lists. If you have any more questions, please visit the Contact Us page to send us a message.

What are mask requirements?

We do not expect teachers or students to wear masks all day. We will (to the best of our ability) encourage children, whose parents want them to wear a mask, to keep them on...but we do not expect them to keep them on.

How will Playground/Recess time be administered during the pandemic?

 We will alternate playground and patio play for the children.
 We will disinfect the playground equipment between classes.
 The water fountain will be off-limits and will use disposable cups for water

How often are classrooms cleaned?

Classrooms will STILL be cleaned and sanitized daily.
 Our cleaning & sanitizing efforts will be increased.
 Art supplies will not be shared. We will provide a school box.
 Dress-up clothes will be kept to a minimum and switched out daily.
 We will limit the number of cloth play items like baby dolls.

What is policy if someone in the Faith Prep family tests positive for COVID-19?

We have been instructed to follow CDC & FLDOH recommendations for anyone testing positive for COVID-19.
If /When the Health Department notifies us...
 We will notify the parents of the class that has a positive case.
 We may have to close that class for a few days - depends on the Health Dept recommendations.
 Students who share a classroom with another class might also be effected by the classroom closure. (Right now the DOH is recommending we wait 24 hours to start cleaning).

What has Faith Prep done to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year?

 We have a new, on-line, data-base system to have a touchless sign-in and -out procedure.
We had all of the carpets professionally cleaned.
 We had all the floors cleaned, stripped and waxed.
 We purchased larger area rugs for the larger classrooms to better ‘social-distance’ during circle times.
 We have scheduled all of the classrooms to be disinfected/cleaned by professionals before school begins.

What does Faith Prep continue to do, even before the pandemic?

 Sanitize hands upon arrival. We wash hands throughout the day.
 We clean and sanitize toys, tables and bathrooms daily.
 We don’t mix students, and we maintain small class sizes.